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Theatre Lore is the essential dictionary for all who wish to know the meaning of stage jargon and avoid the possible calamities and embarrassments of this exciting but most dangerous of professions. Read by thousands since its first edition in 2012, it offers an inside understanding of the workings of the stage, free of solemnities but full of truths. Charting the dangers and delights of stage work it has been used throughout lockdowns as an alternative to dank television repeats or as an antidote to the lack of live theatre. Ageless and so virus free, it continues to inform and amuse.

Nick Bromley has drawn on his experiences of a fifty year career of pitfalls in theatre and used this knowledge to create this definitive work. With a foreword by Simon Callow, it also features the final published cartoons by the late Simon Bond, famous, or perhaps infamous if you are a feline admirer, for his 101 Uses of a Dead Cat.

Theatre Lore demands to be read by all interested in the workings of the stage. It is especially useful for those wishing to take up the metier for it has always been less expensive than drama schools and unlike some, more visually attractive. Sticky, soiled, second-hand copies can possibly be found cheaper on other websites but, Theatre Lore, like any top shelf magazine, is best read pristine and new.

Theatre Lore is informative, honest, sometimes brutal but very funny. For anyone working in or interested in theatre, a copy should be on your shelves.

Jenny Antill for Broadway World. Read the full review.

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LNP Books; First Edition (1 Jun. 2012)

8 reviews for Theatre Lore

  1. P. Brenda (from Amazon)

    You don’t have to be in the Theatre to laugh at this book!

    Without a doubt one of funniest and wittiest reference books I have ever had the pleasure to read! A “must” reference book for the young actor or technical person going into the theatre! Nick bromley has a wonderful way with words that will make the toughest of critics laugh out loud.
    Equity should issue a copy to anyone applying for membership – and charge them, of course!
    When can we expect the next?

  2. backstagedays (from Amazon)

    Hilariously accurate

    This book is hilariously accurate in its detail of life in the theatre. A great read for people in the industry who will recognise so many of the anecdotes and situations and a very insightful read for people who think its all glamour all the time. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is in or interested in the world of theatre.

  3. Jen (from Amazon)

    Funny and true!

    This book made me laugh out loud! There are so many recognisable moments from my days in theatre. And I love all the illustrations. Very very funny. I would recommend it to anyone who works in theatre or knows someone who does. A perfect gift or a present for yourself.

  4. J. Deanson (from Amazon)

    A must buy for theatre enthusiasts!

    Absolutely essential book on the reality of theatre life! The author obviously has a wealth of experience in the world of theatre and treats us to a peek of what really happens with these strange theatrical folk. A cracking, insightful read which is cracking fun from start to finish.

  5. JDCG (from Amazon)

    Indispensable addition to the theatrical bookshelf

    Witty, sagacious, informative, hilarious and at times baffling this idiosyncratic dictionary is a wonderful testament to life backstage. A great read / gift for anyone working or wanting to work in the theatre or for those outside who want to peek inside. Evidently written by one of the great characters of British theatre it’s infused with a natural warmth and affection for a business that can often produce weary cynicism. I loved it!

  6. sinantim (from Amazon)

    Theatre Pro’s book

    This is more like a textbook of theatre definitions. It’s very well done, and there are some amusing parts, but it wasn’t quite what I had expected. Still, a great accomplishment — and definitely worth reading.

  7. E (from Amazon)

    Great book

    A perfect book for all aspiring students of theatre. Great fun. Buy it and read it! You won’t regret it. Nick Bromley knows his theatre.

  8. Claire (from Amazon)

    A brilliant read with a laugh on every page!

    A really good read. I had a smile on my face from cover to cover. A brilliant insight into the back stage world of theatre with some interesting facts thrown in for good measure.
    This is a must have book for all those that work behind the scenes, in front of house or on the stage. It would also make a great read for those who have an interest in the theatre and for all those who only ever see theatre from the comfort of their auditorium seat.

    Overall a great book, every theatre lover should own a copy!

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