Stage Ghosts and Haunted Theatres


For ghost-hunting theatre lovers and theatre-loving ghost hunters, Stage Ghosts and Haunted Theatres is the must-have addition to every bookshelf.



Due to be launched on National Paranormal Day 2021 (May 3rd), Stage Ghosts and Haunted Theatres takes the reader on a selected tour of some of the British Isles’ phantom filled venues.

Our interconnection with ghosts is as old as man himself, for spirits of the dead have been believed, observed and recorded since the dawn of time.

As a boy, a peculiar visit to the private apartments of the Palais de Versailles, first encouraged Nick Bromley to seek out the possibility of their existence.

Since then, personal experiences have convinced him of their presence, for his stage career has enabled him to bear witness to fragments of the afterlife.

The particular ability of theatres to retain memories and sightings of their past occupants is second to none. This has helped him over the years to assemble a collection of spectral encounters from witnesses on both sides of the curtain, be they actors, backstage workers, managers or front of house staff.

Now, fittingly introduced by Richard O’Brien, the creator of the legendary The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Stage Ghosts and Haunted Theatres presents a collection of untold supernatural experiences with some historic stories together intertwined with details of the individual theatres where ghosts in many forms have been encountered.

Combining both personal memories of the supernatural and the background of over fifty widely different venues, this new illustrated book is an important celebration of the ghosts who haunt our theatres.

As featured in THE STAGE:

Spooky! Theatre’s most famous stage ghosts captured in a haunting new book.

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